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MRET Cell Guard

MRET Cell Guard

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How does Noise Field Technology work?

The world has been led to believe that you can block or shield radiation from wireless communication devices such as: cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, televisions, or Bluetooth. Science reveals that any object trying to block or shield an information-carrying radio wave (ICRW), would also inhibit the signal emitted by these devices and this would interfere by affecting reception leading to dropped calls, dropped text messages, or emails not going through.

This patented Noise Field Technology functions in a physiological manner by interfering with the body’s perception of the radiation (ICRW) consequently changing the way the body is affected by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). To better understand this, consider two other protective modalities: sunscreen and noise cancelling headsets. They work in a similar manner. The application of sunscreen does not eliminate the sun, but it alters the body’s response to the effects therefore avoiding damage. When people work around loud noises, they wear headsets to protect from neurological damage to their hearing. In these examples, both of potentially damaging waveforms (the sun and loud noises) are still present but the body is protected. EMFs will always be present but the use of this Noise Field Technology eliminates the physiological effects.
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