Some Moringa Benefits by Dr. Howard Fisher

Dr. Howard Fisher
Many of people continue to be amazed by the results from the potent Moringa formula referred to as ‘purple snow.’ (The formula appears green but when mixed into water the other synergistic superfoods such as maqui berry and mangosteen give off a purple color as it sinks into the formula). The research into the broach spectrum of health benefits of Moringa continues, especially in equatorial regions of Asia. “Moringa oleifera leaves due to presence of phytochemicals indicated that it has all the possible preventive and curative properties. Although many bioactive compounds have been discovered from Moringa, still the knowledge is in infancy in term of its total reserve.” With the current status of global health and the damages to the food chain, especially GMO manipulation, isn’t it good to know that non=GMO Moringa superfood formulas that are economically priced exist?
Quote from
Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., 3(5): 1387-1391 SEPTEMBER 2017
Phytonutrient and PharmacologicalSignificance of Moringa oleifera
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