How Can Moringa Help Prediabetes and Diabetes

Dr. Howard Fisher
Let’s revisit the largest plague in America: Prediabetes and diabetes especially since we can intervene here. More than 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. This is a combination of both Type I and Type II. There are hundreds of papers that show the effects of Moringa to lower serum glucose, however, no one up to now seems to be aware or even care. Think of how a potent organic Moringa formula can accomplish this because that is exactly what MBF is.
Now consider a category that no one really thinks about: pre-diabetes. There are 100 million Americans in this category and the reason for the existence is that allopathic medicine does not know how to deal with it. Usually this is caused by the inability of the body to respond to insulin and, therefore, the serum glucose levels remain high. There are a number of plants and herbs, including Moringa, that can reverse insulin resistance. What if there was a formulation that does this. Increasing the effects of insulin and reducing serum glucose eases Type II diabetes as it lowers A1C and serum glucose levels. Although we have many successful cases, let me give you one example. A sixty year old former prediabetic who moved on to be a type 2 diabetic tried our formula. Her post-prandial serum glucose numbers ran in the 300 mg/dl range. This is unacceptable and most try to stay within 100-150 mg/dl. Using only this product with meals for the fourteen day trial her serum glucose numbers averaged 128 mg/dl. The product is called MBF (Metabolic Balance Formula). Amazing as it may seem, no one has to be placed into a category that can be controlled naturally by nutritional.
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