Enzymes And The Power of Flax

Sprouted seed and grains are among the most complete and nutritional foods tested. A seed uses its stored protein and carbohydrates for the germination process. As those nutrients are used, they change - proteins and complex carbohydrates break down into amino acids and simple sugars. Enzymes once dormant become alive and activate. This process makes sprouts a "pre-digested" food - ready to be used by your body for energy and rebuilding.

Enzymes are the nutrients and biological catalysts that aid in the elimination of toxins, construction of new tissue, muscle, nerve cells, bone, skin and glandular tissue. Every single system of your body from the brain to muscles, nervous system, vascular system, cell reproduction, growth, immunity, antioxidant defense system and digestive system depends upon enzymes. All of us have a limited capacity to produce enzymes. As we age, our body is able to produce less and less enzymes. It is the general decline in enzyme activity in our body that is a fundamental cause of aging.

Enzymes can be broken down into three groups: metabolic, digestive and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes run our body taking fat, proteins and carbohydrates to continuously make repairs. A shortage of metabolic enzymes could jeopardize our health. Digestive enzymes help the digestive process to assimilate proteins, carbohydrates and fat. The rich enzyme concentration in sprouts can lead to heightened enzyme activity in your metabolism, leading to regeneration of the bloodstream.

If enzymes, to aid digestion, are not available in the food we eat, our body's digestive enzymes will carry the complete load, depleting the limited resources of enzymes. If we get external digestive enzymes from our food, as they appear in nature, more of our body's metabolic enzymes are available to prevent and maintain health. Enzymes are destroyed in food that has been subjected to high heat or that has been processed.

There are 10 to 100 times more enzymes in sprouted seeds than in vegetables or fruits, depending on the enzyme and the seed that is being sprouted. There is no food on the planet higher in enzymes than sprouted seeds.

Sprout RevolutionTM Sprouted Flax Powders are an excellent enzyme source. Our patented growing and drying process ensures all of the enzymes remain intact, providing a rich concentration that will help your body make better use of omega-3s, lignans, fiber, proteins and vitamins from the flax.

Another important factor in maximizing our long-term health and well-being is maintaining our body's natural balance of intestinal microorganisms. Some of the causes of depleted beneficial microorganisms in our bodies are antibiotics, drugs such as steroids and synthetic hormones, caffeine and alcohol. Even chlorinated or fluoridated water can destroy friendly bacteria.1 Sprout RevolutionTM products contain millions of natural microorganisms that can be traced back to the soil the seed originally came from. Later, in the sprouting process, these microorganisms multiply to populate the free surface of the plant. These non-pathogenic, soil-based microorganisms are "friendly bacteria" or probiotics, meaning "for life". The probiotics in Sprout RevolutionTM products migrate with food to the intestinal tract and compensate for the missing bacteria in our digestive systems, fighting against "bad" bacteria such as Salmonella, E.coli and Shigella.

There are also other noted changes that take place when seeds and grains are sprouted. The caloric value is reduced 10 to 20 percent. Perhaps the most remarkable changes are the synthesis of different vitamins. Analysis of our flax seed (Maxxam Analytic Laboratories, 2002) that had been sprouted and dried using our patented technique showed increases in enzymes, vitamins and lignans ranging from as little as 14% to as much as 10,000%.

Flax is a small seed that can have a huge impact on your health. It is a nutritional powerhouse - a rich source of phytoestrogens, essential fatty acids, enzymes, protein, lignans, vitamins and minerals.

Flax protein is similar in composition to the protein found in soybeans. For individuals who want to reduce the amount of meat in their diet, Sprout RevolutionTM Sprouted Flax Powders are an excellent plant protein alternative.

Accumulated toxicity in the body is one of the causes of deficient immune systems, which has been cited as the reason we have such an increase in degenerative disease in the richest country in the world. Because flax seed is very alkaline, it helps to prevent heartburn and should be included in all detoxification programs to restore the body's proper alkaline balance.2**

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