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Pura Vida of North America, LLC., started as a vision by co-founders Thomas and Donna Stacy after visiting Costa Rica on a trade mission and realizing the need for increased support of environmental consciousness. Pura Vida, meaning "pure life", was started as a marketing arm of their ongoing Organic Foods, Inc. business located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Stacy's founded Organic Foods, Inc., in early 1991 by introducing vegan vegetarian food at the Minnesota State Fair. Their food was so well received that their organic food business was born. Organic Foods, Inc. produced all their vegan vegetarian fast food in a company owned plant and delivered it across the Midwest and eventually began shipping it nationally.

After Thomas passed away in late 2004, Donna made the difficult decision to close the Organic Foods business, move to Portland, Oregon, and concentrate on Pura Vida of NA, which had already started developing the packaging and marketing plans for Sprout RevolutionTM. Donna's daughter, Michelle, stepped into her Dad's role to help build the business and a "mother/daughter team" was born. Since then, Donna's son, Tom, has become involved in the business which is now a wholly owned and run family business much as the co-founders had originally envisioned.

Since flax is a natural and renewable source for Omega-3, it fit the environmental criteria of the co-founder's corporate mission. Pura Vida of NA, LLC, is the exclusive distributor of Sprout RevolutionTM which is manufactured in Canada. Our manufacturer has pioneered and patented the development of bio-activated, sprouted flax and other sprouted products. Our proprietary, patented sprouted flax seed powders are a result of over 20 years of research into the chemical effects and nutritional benefits of bio-activating seeds through germination.

Pura Vida of NA, LLC as a family owned company is dedicated to providing the highest quality health and food products throughout North America and the world. Our production facilities and products are GMP compliant and certified organic through OCCP-Pro Certification. Years of research and expertise have resulted in the most bio-available products on the market. We want to change the way the world looks at flax and other sprouted products soon to be introduced by Pura Vida of NA, LLC.

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