Pura Vida of NA, LLC

January 2013 Newsletter


Does color really matter?  Pura Vida produces products using both golden and brown flax seed.  Brown flax seed and golden flax seed are both equally beneficial. There is no substantial difference between the seeds in regard to oil content or nutritional value. The further north flax is grown, the higher the oil content. The closer to winter the plant is harvested, the higher the oil content. Soil and weather conditions also have an impact on the nutritional value of the seed.

The color of the seed is a matter of personal preference. Golden flax which is what we use in our Sprout Revolution products has a mild nutty flavor while brown flax has a much stronger taste. 

Our goal is to source the highest quality seed available. Prior to purchasing and sprouting, we do visual inspections for debris, dark and damaged seed, we do density, purity and germination testing and our lab performs microbiological testing for molds, yeasts and pathogens.

Our inspection criteria are the highest in the industry, so you can be assured, you will be purchasing a superior product.
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